Large Business IT Services: Microsoft Forefront Security Solutions

Microsoft Forefront helps deliver end-to-end security and access to information through an integrated line of protection, access, and identity management products, including secure messaging and collaboration solutions as well as identity and access management.

As businesses look to drive growth, they need to increase collaboration, sharing and access to information but must do so while protecting their assets and infrastructure. Frequently this must be addressed in the context of shrinking budgets and increased regulatory pressure. In response to these business challenges and opportunities, Microsoft is taking a fundamentally different approach to security.

Microsoft Identity and Security solutions and the Forefront product line help provide seamless protection of your IT systems through integration with the Windows platform, applications, and infrastructure. The Identity and Security platform supports heterogeneous environments, enabling 3rd party partners to share and utilize capabilities to help deliver greater value across the organization.

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Features and Benefits of Microsoft Forefront Security

Microsoft Forefront delivers comprehensive, end-to-end solutions , both on-premises and in the cloud, to help protect virtually everywhere and enable secure access virtually anywhere. With our integrated portfolio of protection, identity, and access products, you can help secure your environment and manage access across data, users, and systems.

Multi-layered Protection – Forefront delivers leading malware protection solutions across endpoints, messaging and collaboration application servers, and the network.

Identity-based Access – Microsoft’s identity-based access technologies and Forefront solutions build upon Active Directory’s infrastructure to enable policy-based user access to applications, devices, and information, working to securely manage information across multiple users, endpoints, and servers while maintaining compliance can be complex and costly.

The key technologies behind forefront help enterprises more efficiently deploy and manage new applications, establish a consistent security model to consolidate access management, and facilitate easy collaboration between organizations.