Small & Mid-Sized Business (SMB) Managed IT Services: Microsoft System Center Essentials


Microsoft System Center Essentials 2007 SP1 (Essentials 2007) is a new management solution in the System Center family of IT systems management products. Essentials is specifically designed for IT professionals working in midsize businesses who often face IT challenges similar to those of larger enterprises—troubleshooting end user problems, automating management tasks, managing multiple systems, and diagnosing and resolving IT problems.

Essentials 2007 provides a unified solution to help optimize the experience of performing a broad set of tasks across your entire IT environment. You also get a single console from which you can view and manage your servers, clients, hardware, software, and IT services.

Essentials 2007 accelerates troubleshooting and problem resolution. It’s a self-managing solution that notifies you as soon as a problem occurs, then helps you proactively diagnose and fix it, accelerating problem resolution. Essentials 2007 also automates system updates and data collection for your IT environment, so it’s more secure and up-to-date.

Essentials 2007 simplifies complex management tasks like packaging and deploying software, adding Web site monitoring, and creating and configuring group policy. Essentials 2007 wizards also help you quickly and easily configure security settings, deploy updates, and discover assets.

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Microsoft System Center Features and Benefits

Unify your IT management experience: Essentials 2007 provides a single console for your core management needs - Server, Desktop and Network monitoring, software and update management and asset inventory.

Keep your applications and your network up and running: Essentials provides multiple views of the application data in your network including SQL Server™ databases or Exchange servers.

Troubleshoot problems more quickly: Essentials provides a rich knowledge base out of the box to help you diagnose and fix critical alerts for key products like Exchange Server and SQL Server™.

Simplify your patch management: Essentials 2007 provides integrated patch management for Microsoft products in the Microsoft Update catalog - choose to automatically deploy critical updates or have them be subject for approval.

Deploy applications easily: Deploy applications to a target set of computers without worrying about having to deal with packaging or other complex processes. Essentials can help you deploy Office 2007 with your custom settings in a snap.

Keep track of hardware and software assets: Essentials 2007 gathers more than 60 hardware attributes and a complete inventory of the applications running on each machine.

Improve your users’ up-time: Reduce the time you spend dealing with end-user issues and collect application and OS errors that would otherwise remain anonymous.

Get up and running fast: The built-in integration with Active Directory will allow you to manage a computer automatically the moment it’s added to your environment without any intervention.

Gain visibility into your IT environment: the Essentials console provides more than 180 reports out of the box that help you gain better insight into how your IT environment is performing.

Get an affordable comprehensive IT management solution designed for you: Essentials is priced for the budgets of small and midsize businesses, allowing you to purchase only what you need and then grow as your business requires it, with flexible licenses for up to 30 servers and 500 clients at a fraction of what typical management solutions cost.